Monday, 9 November 2020

Vote rigging and murder in Ngorongoro

On Election Day, in Ngorongoro ward of Ngorongoro district, police and Ngorongoro Conservation Area rangers opened fire shooting innocent, unarmed voters who were standing up for democracy, trying to stop election fraud. 23-year old Salula Ngorisiolo was killed. Then the injured victims were arrested, and so was the CHADEMA ward councillor candidate, and the former CCM councillor (who was on the side of justice), and they were locked up illegally for a week and are now facing charges, while the murderers and vote riggers walk free.


In this blog post:

Stolen elections in Tanzania

Murder and illegal arrests in Ngorongoro


This blog is about “investors” that threaten land rights in Loliondo and the local police state at their service, a police state that was terrifying long before the whole of Tanzania turned into something similar, and it’s about the current genocidal Multiple Land Use Model review proposal. Though this particular post is about a not entirely unrelated heinous crime. There are still some information gaps, but I can’t wait longer to publish this.

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Delayed Blog Post About a Lost PR Opportunity for PM Majaliwa in Ngorongoro


On Friday 16th October, the old enemy of Loliondo and Ngorongoro, Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa, visited Wasso as part of the election campaign. On the stage, with incumbent Ngorongoro MP William Olenasha and CCM’s councillor candidate for Orgosorok ward, Mohammed “Marekani” Bayo who also is OBC’s community liaison (and who received much praise from the MP), Majaliwa, unlike what would have been expected, did not declare that the horrible proposal by the Multiple Land Use Model review team had been stopped.

In this blog post:

The MLUM review proposal

Reactions to the MLUM review proposal

Majaliwa/Olenasha/Marekani horror show in Wasso


If you still haven’t, please read my long blog post about the horrors of the past five years.

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Five Years of Disappointment and Terror - Not Only in Loliondo

Five years of the fifth phase government in Tanzania are nearing their end. I should write a summary of what has happened concerning the land threats in Loliondo and Ngorongoro district as a whole. This isn’t easy. Even with more fearful silence than ever, much has happened, and apparently insignificant events turn out significant with hindsight. The summary is too long, but I hope it will be read anyway and that those reading it will try to do something to stop the police state and the land alienation plans.

Sadly, I must warn anyone looking for something inspirational about brave indigenous resistance. Don’t read this blog post. These ugly five years have been filled with fearfulness, corruption, and treason. Though maybe, maybe a change is on the way.

In the future I will post an improved version, including 1992–2015. If anything in this blog post needs to be corrected or updated, I will mark the edit in a visible way, and I may continue adding links after publishing.

In this long blog post:

Brief introduction to what had happened before 2015

OBC and the Osero

Thomson Safaris


2015 with further divide and rule, intimidation, and elections

Divide and rule continued

Jerry Muro doing anti-Loliondo propaganda

Brutal evictions and confusion

Anti-Kenyan operation

Unbelievable treason        

DC Mgandilwa and his dangerous follies

DC/OBC/Oloipiri against Kirtalo

Protest in Sukenya

Illegally arrested

Never-ending lies about giraffes

2015 elections


2016 when everything got so much worse

Manyerere Jackton continued and increased his old anti-Loliondo incitement in the Jamhuri

Charity as a weapon again

Multiple illegal arrests with the aim to silence everyone

Further incitement and OBC’s report

Majaliwa “solving the conflict” via Gambo’s committee


2017 with massive human rights crimes

Drought and further weakened leaders while the RC’s committee continued its work

What’s a GCA 2009?

Maghembe and his co-opted committee

Spontaneous protests

Meanwhile grazing areas were lost in Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Proposal by the RC’s committee and unused parliament seat

Brutal, illegal, and unexpected invasion of village land and silent MP

Kigwangalla becomes a hero and then makes an ugly U-turn

Majaliwa’s decision


2018 with silence and extreme brutality committed by soldiers

Kigwangalla’s U-turn

Military camp

Daylight corruption when OBC again brought gifts to the MNRT

Secret meeting for a “friendlier” version of Majaliwa’s decision

Oakland report and Kigwangalla goes totally insane

Exterminating the opposition

Kigwangalla’s budget

Intimidation drive to derail the case in the EACJ

Soldiers attacking herders

The bizarre case of mistaken identity

The East African Court of Justice finally issued interim measures

Soldier brutality, burning bomas in violation of court orders


2019 with death, a faint glimmer of hope, and then a genocidal proposal

More illegal arrests ordered by DC Rashid Mfaume Taka

The RC condemning the burning of bomas in a strange and vague way

The president’s surprising statement

Perjury in the EACJ

OBC’s Mollel gets caught by PCCB and is locked up to rot in remand prison while all his accomplices remain untouched

Science magazine article deeply embedded with human rights criminals

JWTZ soldiers killing Babuche in Wasso town

Threats in the press

The genocidal proposal

Reports about the strangest study tour to OBC’s camp


2020 that will hopefully not just be a sad, long funeral for democracy

Mwananchi interview with Kigwangalla

Renewed negotiations with those who keep insisting on the genocidal proposal

MOU about the Pastoral Council

Visit to Kigwangalla and feedback meeting

Councillor reports about abuse and sabotage committed by NCA rangers and then the criminal DC receives much praise for intervening

Information about NCAA funds at councillors’ meeting

Kigwangalla threatens Lake Natron

Statement from Ngorongoro ward

Elections …


Thursday, 16 July 2020

Ngorongoro Pastoralists Attacked from all Sides – Fighting Back Here and There, and Hopefully Soon Everywhere

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Lake Natron
Ngorongoro ward
Ex-RC Gambo
Manongi in the press
Adjourned hearing in the East African Court of Justice

Things are apparently quiet on the ground in Loliondo where the 1,500 km2 Osero of important grazing land is wanted as a ”buffer zone” not least by OBC that organizes hunting for Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai and that has used this land as their core hunting area since 1993. The Maasai have been able to fight off OBC’s intense lobbying, and keep their land, even though there have been several illegal operations (ordered by representatives for the central government) with mass human rights crimes. Maybe even more dangerous is the local police state in which all government officials have participated in harassment, threats, and illegal arrests of those speaking up against “investors” that want to manage, or own, Maasai land, and which has worsened considerable the past years leading to almost complete silence. Though since late February 2019 OBC’s Tanzanian director finds himself in judicial vacuum in remand prison while being investigated for mostly unrelated crimes, and OBC are keeping a lower profile, while instead a basically genocidal zoning proposal for more than the whole of Ngorongoro district is being pushed by various ugly characters in and around the Ministry of Natural Resource and Tourism.

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Scattered, Scarce, and Delayed Reports While Waiting for Action against the Genocidal MLUM Proposal in Ngorongoro

I must write about recent developments in Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) even though the little information I have got is now old. This blog has for a decade dealt with “investors” threatening land rights in Loliondo. There’s almost total silence about what’s happening in Loliondo, and the current most acute threat against the 1,500 km2 Osero is that its annexation to NCA is included in the report that proposes such extensive “no-go zones” in NCA and beyond that it would mean the end of all Maasai life in Ngorongoro District, and these proposals keep being insisted upon by the Ngorongoro chief conservator Manongi, and an ugly assortment of individuals inside and around the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, while far too timid local leaders keep asking for the report to be overhauled, which keeps being granted, and is then ignored. The latest blog post somewhat explained the most recent promises by Minister Kigwangalla. Since then, the councillor of Endulen has reported about how this is being sabotaged, and surprisingly about how the criminal DC has been supportive of the Maasai (or doing damage control for the government). I can’t explain everything in this post, but there’s a decade of posts, and the latest ones have been about the MLUM report. I hope and expect to soon be able to write about some more serious action against the brutal proposal. Meanwhile I will post this.

In this blog post:
A brief reminder about the Osero
Councillor reports about abuse and sabotage committed by NCA rangers

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Pastoralists into New Round of Negotiations with those who Want to Wipe them off the Map of Ngorongoro

This blog has been too silent. I’m very sad and tired, and in Loliondo, and Ngorongoro district as a whole, people have been busy discussing Covid-19, or “politics” (possible candidates, and I’m not innocent in this regard, even if my main interest is in who will best defend the land), while the biggest threat ever looms over everyone’s head – the insane Multiple Land Use Model report of last year. This threat has again been spoken about, and there’s a new attempt to, from the inside, stop planned atrocities.

In this blog post:
The genocidal report
Ngorongoro Conservation Area
Some slow and timid reaction                                              
MOU about the Pastoral Council
Open letter to the president
Press statement
Visit to Kigwangalla and feedback meeting

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Human Rights Criminals Visited a Charitable Project in the Form of a Military Camp in Loliondo

In this blog post:
The visit to the JWTZ camp
Tanzania People’s Defense Force JWTZ
Manongi, king of the NCA
DC Rashid Mfaume Taka – human rights criminal and perjurer
Summary of Osero developments of the past decades

It’s been revealed that the military camp in Loliondo is being made permanent, and with funding from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority. I should have written about this immediately when I heard about it on 2nd March, but I’m too sad, tired and stressed, and didn’t start writing until the weekend, and after that I needed to know what some people had to say about the draft ... Then, this past week, RC Gambo toured Ngorongoro District and had a visit to the military camp in his schedule, so I waited for another week, totally in vain, since “nobody” has heard anything about Gambo at the JWTZ camp. Due to an emergency, the RC had to return early to Arusha, and may therefore not even have visited the soldiers. I may update this blog post, and now it surprisingly seems like I may be getting information about another issue for next blog post.

Update 16th March: RC Gambo was at the military camp, “placing the foundation stone”.  Council Chairman Siloma had some stomach churning words of praise for the soldiers, but I’m too tired to analyze that at the moment.

Thursday, 27 February 2020

New or by Now Old Year, Old Silence, and the Same Unanswered Questions about Loliondo

Three months have passed since the latest blog post, which is unacceptable and can only be explained with that everyone is saying that there isn’t anything happening (very improbable) and that I (thousands of kilometres away) know more than they do. This does however not excuse my silence when there are so many old truths to keep reminding of, and unanswered questions to keep asking.  However madly disappointed I am with “some” people in Loliondo, and however exhausted I am by unrelated unsolvable problems, I must never again stay quiet for this long.

For a brief reminder of what this blog is about: Maasai pastoralists in Loliondo, who already lost land with the creation of Serengeti National Park, have kept being threatened with “conservation”, and due to the influence of tourism investors been victims of human rights crimes and suffered (keep suffering) a local police state with all government officials at the service of these investors that want to manage the land.

In this blog post:
Resumed hearing in the East African Court of Justice

How could a whole year pass without anyone speaking up about the soldier violence – arson included - of 2018?

Why has OBC’s director, Isaack Mollel been locked up in remand prison for almost a year?

Why has Kigwangalla sued the Jamhuri magazine? (This part may be outdated and irrelevant)

What’s the government’s plan?

Summary of Osero developments the past decades

There are of course more questions than these, and they will be asked in coming blog posts.

Monday, 25 November 2019

A Reminder that the Case about Loliondo in the East African Court of Justice is Continuing, and Late and Limited Updates about the Horrible Proposal About Ngorongoro

In this blog post: 

The news that’s getting old
Court hearing
More about the insane proposal
The threat against the Osero
When the EACJ case was filed
OBC and the draft district land use plan
Kagasheki’s ugly threats and lies
Worsened repression
Majaliwa ”solving the conflict”
The horror of 2018
Mollel’s prolonged arrest
The shocking proposal
How the defendants have reacted to being sued – committing outrageous perjury
The perjurers’ own documents
Reports about the strangest study tour to OBC’s camp

Thursday, 10 October 2019

After 60 Years of the NCAA The Ngorongoro Chief Conservator Announces a Plan to Evict the Maasai Again

While fear and silence continued in Loliondo where government officials will break any law to intimidate anyone who could speak up against so-called “investors” that threaten land rights, things were calming down since there hadn’t been any illegal arrests since January, there weren’t any rangers harassing herders, OBC’s director had for unknown reasons been charged with economic crimes, the president had made a statement on not being happy about evictions of pastoralists and cultivators all over the country, and nothing more was being heard about a threat of Loliondo being placed under the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA). Then, towards the later part of September, news broke that the Ngorongoro chief conservator, Freddy Manongi, and the Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Hamisi Kigwangalla, had presented a plan to not only alienate from the villages the 1,500 km2 Osero (bushland) of important dry season land, but to at the same time evict people and cattle from almost the whole of Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA), from the Lake Natron basin and escarpment, and elsewhere, and to restrict land use in other areas. If implemented, such a plan would mean the end of pastoralism in Ngorongoro district, and the end of Maasai culture and lives. The news was met with sadness, confusion, and despair over useless leaders that didn’t immediately act against such an announced atrocity.

As usual, this blog post has many unanswered questions.

In this blog post:
A terrible announcement, an article, and Manongi’s report
Core Conservation Zone –
Core Conservation Sub-Zone
Transition Zone
Community Development Zone-
Confusion about game controlled areas
Kigwangalla at the NCAA HQ
Who’s responsible? UNESCO and others?
Slow reactions and a not that strong statement by the Pastoral Council
Mzee telling it as it is

Friday, 27 September 2019

Questions about the Court Cases against OBC’s Director and a Reminder of his More Serious Crimes in Loliondo - Then the Ngorongoro Conservator made the Most Terrifying Announcement

In this blog post:
What has happened
The period that the foreign workers were employed by OBC without permits
Reporting in regular and gutter (Jamhuri/Tanzanite) press
Magufuli issues a directive about those charged with economic sabotage
Statement about implementation of the president’s January statement
Some of the unanswered questions
Then the Ngorongoro Chief Conservator made a marrow chilling announcement
Summary of Osero developments of the past decades

I still don’t know why after all these years while OBC have had almost all government officials in Loliondo serving them with terror and slander against innocent people, the Prevention and Combatting of Corruption Bureau didn’t until February this year act against OBC’s director Isaack Mollel. I don’t know why this happened, what will happen now, or who is doing what, but I know that the charges relevant to the years of suffering in Loliondo were, in some way, dropped early on, and those remaining are of the kind that any arrogant and unscrupulous company could have been charged with, if unlucky.     

I’d still like more people to read the List of people in one way or other involved in the long-time slander,terror, and corruption syndicate in Loliondo, and I’m looking for further information. Also this blog post has too many questions.

On 26th September the RAI newspaper reported about a terrible announcement by the Ngorongoro Chief Conservator Freddy Manongi (see below, at the end, before the summary). This reached me today on the 27th and made this all but ready to publish blog post seem quite irrelevant. I will follow up on this - will write more extensively - and am asking all defenders of the land to please come out of your places of hiding as soon as possible.

Sunday, 25 August 2019

List of people in one way or other involved in the long-time slander, terror, and corruption syndicate in Loliondo

In this blog post:
The List
Summary of Osero developments of the past decades

Since long before it became the condition of the whole of Tanzania, Loliondo division of Ngorongoro district has been a virtual police state. Everyone who has ever dared to speak up against plans to alienate 1,500 km2 of important grazing land from the local Maasai have at some point had their citizenship questioned, been threatened, slandered, illegally arrested, and even maliciously prosecuted. The same has happened to those who have just been suspected of being able to speak up … This is done by government officials, and others, that seem overly eager to please Otterlo Business Corporation, OBC, that since the early 1990s organize trophy hunting for Sheikh Mohammed, the current billionaire ruler of Dubai.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Hearing in the East African Court of Justice, but Perjurers not yet Cross Examined

On 10th – 11th June there was a hearing of Reference No. 10 of 2017, Ololosokwan, Kirtalo, Oloirien, and Arash versus the Attorney General of the United Republic of Tanzania. As mentioned in the previous blog post, my plan was to write extensively about this, but the defendants had only set aside two days, and their witnesses will be cross examined at a later date, and that was the matter of most interest to me. Now besides being delayed, I may repeat mostly old news here, but it wouldn’t be the first time, and I need to keep repeating the basic facts until they stick (it doesn’t work that way, but I can try...)
All information from readers is, as always, more than welcome.

In this blog post:
East African hearing 10th–11th June, without as much happening as I’d expected
The questions
Summary of Osero developments

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Too Much and Too Little to Write About Loliondo

In this blog post:
2019-2020 MNRT budget: what Kigwangalla said, and not, about Loliondo (the little I’ve heard)

PCCB are silent (and so are everyone else)

Upcoming East African Court of Justice hearing

Summary of Osero developments

It’s been over two months since I published a blog post, and that’s not acceptable. I’ve spent some time on a post putting together what everyone ought to know about the threat against the 1,500 km2 Osero, but it’s almost 70 pages and needs some trimming, even if important aspects could still be missing, and must be included ... I should also make a list of everyone I know is, or has been, involved in the “investor-friendly” corruption and terror complex in Loliondo. Those are very many people, and I fear there are just as many that I don’t know about, so suggestions are welcome.

I’m waiting for information about PM Majaliwa’s threatening decision, but it’s just as well if nothing is heard, and it keeps getting delayed.
I’m trying to get hold of the report by the team of ministers that were tasked with making amendments according to President Magufuli’s surprising statement from 15th January, which could be the best or the worst news ever. The ministers are supposed to have handed in their report, but “nobody” has got it.
There will tomorrow and on Tuesday be a court hearing in the East African case, in which I expect the DC and four others to get nailed for their obvious perjury. I hope and expect to as soon as possible after the hearing be able to write a good blog post about it, so please share what you can find out.
PCCB have for some time been silent about the investigation of OBC’s director Isaack Mollel, and I need to know what’s happening ...

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Science Magazine Article with Huge Media Coverage, Anti-Loliondo Co-Author, and a not so Hidden Wish to Influence the Tanzanian Government

In this blog post:
Article in Science Magazine
Summary of Osero developments of the past decades (important for newcomers)

Like all blog posts this one is delayed, since among other problems, at the same time I had to write about the District Security Officer who’s been charged with corruption, and about the JWTZ soldier brutality that recently led to the death of 26-year old footballer Yohana “Babuche” Saidea. Probably over thirty articles have now been published about the Science Magazine article “Cross-boundary human impacts compromise the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem”, and none of them include any criticism at all, so my delay is unacceptable. I wish more people could have a critical look at it. My post is from a perspective of land rights and human rights in Loliondo.

Why now?
On 29th March, Science Magazine published an article titled Cross-boundary human impacts compromise the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem (behind a paywall, but there are easy ways of opening it), about which the Director of the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI), Simon Mduma, says (apparently in a press release, since it shows up in several newspaper articles from around the world, and at a press conference in Arusha), 

"These results come at the right time, as the Tanzanian government is now taking important steps to address these issues on a national level,"

Thursday, 4 April 2019

The Case Against OBC’s Director has Got Closer to Serious Crimes in Loliondo – and then Tragedy Caused by Soldier Brutality has Struck Wasso Town

The bad news of an article in Science Magazine (no news in the actual article, but its massive media coverage at this particular time is bad news,) and the good news of former District Security Officer Issa Ng’itu being charged with receiving money from Isaack Mollel have come at the same time, and I’ve got stuck with a delayed blog post that’s too long and confusing, and that I couldn’t get anyone to read and comment on, but then I was advised to separate the two issues into two blog posts. The post about the Science article will follow very shortly.

Then there was tragic news as well… On 2nd April Yohana Saidea, also known as Babuche, passed away in Wasso town from injuries inflicted by the Tanzania People’s Defence Force (JWTZ) soldiers stationed at Lopolun, who on 7th March had tortured him. The information I’ve got so far is found at the end of this blog post.
Poleni sana familia na marafiki. Pamzika kwa amani Yohana.

In this blog post:
District security officer charged in the Mollel case
The questions
Death caused by the bullying and torturing soldiers in Wasso
Summary of osero developments of the past decades

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Outrageous Perjury about Loliondo in the East African Court of Justice

In this blog post:
Outrageous perjury in the EACJ
The cases against OBC’s director
The question
Summary of osero developments of the past decades

People who know what’s going on in Loliondo continue completely mute, and even some who are on the ground ask me if I know anything... Far too late I’ve got hold of some affidavits with the most deplorable perjury in the East African Court of Justice case. A court hearing has been held in the case – or one of the cases – against OBC’s director. The important questions remain unanswered.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Fear, Confusion, and Cautious Hope in Loliondo - and OBC’s Director Charged with Economic Crimes

In this blog post:
Reactions to the president’s statement
The very unexpected arrest of OBC’s director Isaack Mollel
Remaining questions about the attacks by soldiers in 2018
“Reasons” for the illegal arrests in January
Extreme police brutality
Summary of osero developments of the past decades

This is another unacceptably delayed blog post that’s become too long. Much is happening, some very unexpected and somewhat promising, but exact information is harder than ever to come by. Those who know are silent, and even people on the ground in Loliondo ask me for information… Too many dots remain unconnected, and I’d need some assistance with this. For the first time since the 1990’s it looks like OBC are no longer untouchable. I hope to soon be able to write a blog post with answers to all the questions here, but for that I need some help.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Innocent People Have Again been Illegally Arrested in Loliondo

When the situation in Loliondo seemed to have calmed down after soldiers stationed at the camp in Lopolun had the week before Christmas again gone on violent rampage, beating up innocent people, and burning down 13 bomas in the Leken area of Kirtalo, somehow authorities decided that silenced and terrified people still needed more intimidation, and again engaged in illegal arrests. Innocent people were arrested for six days, which is very illegal indeed.

This blog post is unacceptably delayed for the usual reasons. One of them is that people keep telling me that I will get important information “tomorrow” and then such information isn’t delivered… 

Many questions remain unanswered.

In this blog post:
Illegal arrests
Sensationally good, and the same time absurd, statement by RC Gambo
Aborted visit by the King of Morocco
Conservation Watch interviewing Germans that say that Mwakilema lied in March 2017
Summary of osero developments of the past decades
Update 15th January: the president suspends exercise to remove villages in protected areas

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

November of Terror and Silence in Loliondo has Turned into Christmas of Terror and Silence

Fear and silence have continued into December. In November Tanzanian soldiers could torture and chase away people, and burn their bomas, in serious violation of interim orders issued by the East Africa Court of Justice, while all leaders in Loliondo stayed silent – and cattle were illegally detained on village land.
Beatings continue, and on 21st December 12 bomas (or per other accounts 11 bomas/24 houses) were burned in the Leken area of Kirtalo village.

This blog post has kept being unacceptably delayed and contains some parts that may to some seem irrelevant considering currents atrocities.

The situation is far, far too painful and help is needed from anyone with some influence.

Update: people are again illegally arrested and I’m working on a blog post, even if information is scarce. THRDC have published a brief news alert.  

In this blog post:
Crimes of November
Christmas crimes
The DC comments
The silence
Manongi and the Jamhuri anti-Maasai rag
Charity as a very dirty weapon
The EU
Summary of developments of the past decades

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Extreme Violence Has Again Erupted in Loliondo, Violating Interim Orders, and Nobody is Speaking Out

In wide areas around the camp of OBC, that organizes hunting for Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai, people are being attacked and beaten, and chased away together with their cattle. This is not only a crime against human rights and Tanzanian law, but it’s a serious violation of interim orders issued by the East African Court of Justice on 25th September this year.

Beatings in areas of Kirtalo village have been reported since 10th November, and bomas are again being burned, under unprecedented silence. The situation has kept deteriorating as I’ve been writing on this blog post while getting piecemeal information from many people on the ground.

This time the crimes are mostly being committed by soldiers from the Tanzanian army that have a camp set up in Lopolun since March this year.

A young man studying far from home tells me: “Very stupid, let them be beaten until they learn to report all sort of inhumane happening to them”, “If they can bear brutality let them move on WITH their stupidity”, “Let them be beaten mercilessly until they demonstrate”, “It doesn't start today or the day after today but the issue is a long planned process that gonna drag the life of Maasai”. I will never accept this, and I know that there are many Tanzanians who don’t accept living in a gangster state, and will do what they can to stop the brutality, however stupid, or not - at least they have not always been this passive … - the Maasai of Loliondo may be.

Never has an urgent blog post been more delayed …

Update: on 21st December 11 more bomas were burned down by soldiers in Leken, Kirtalo. Blog post on the way. 

In this blog post:
Brief recent background
Massive violation of interim orders in wide areas around OBC’s camp, with updates
Summary of developments of the past decades

Monday, 5 November 2018

The Spectacular U-turner Kigwangalla has Commented on Loliondo in a TV Interview

In this blog post:
The interview on Kwanza TV
A reminder of the spectacular U-turn
Summary of developments of the past decades

Update: I’ve since 10th November been hearing reports about beatings and evictions in wide areas around OBC’s camp, in serious violation of the interim orders, and will publish a blog post as soon as I’ve got more details. 

On 31st October, Kwanza TV aired a lengthy interview with the Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, Hamisi Kigwangalla, and in this interview he talked about Loliondo for a few minutes. As known by followers of this blog, almost exactly a year ago Kigwangalla made the most splendid promises about Loliondo, including promising that OBC would have left before January 2018. Then sadly he made a complete U-turn that I’ve also written about in several posts. In advance, Kwanza TV had been asking the public to submit questions for the minister. The question I submitted wasn’t asked though… “Mh @HKigwangalla, tufanyeje na”syndicate”ya OBC inayotesa wananchi Loliondo?Ulilisemea hili mwaka jana, hata kuahadi OBC ingaliondoka kabla ya 2018! Tunafahamu ulishabadilika kuhusu OBC. Umebadililika pia kuhusu mkurugenziMollel uliesema alitaka kukuhonga? @kwanza_tv #chukuahatua” (translation: what should we do about OBC’s syndicate that persecute people in Loliondo? You talked about this last year, even promising that OBC would have left before 2018! We know that you have changed about OBC. Have you also changed about director Mollel who you said wanted to bribe you?)  I hope it didn’t sound like I believe that Kigwangalla accepted Mollel’s supposed offer. I think his reason for throwing the Maasai of Loliondo under the bus are far more ambitious and long-term than US dollars 100,000, or 200,000 into his pocket.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Better Late than Never! Interim Measures Issued by the East African Court of Justice to Restrain the Tanzanian Government from Evicting, Harassing or Intimidating the Maasai of Loliondo

In this blog post:
Two sets of interim measures issued by the court
Whose land is it?
Past and present efforts to grab the 1,500 km2 osero from the Maasai

At last some good news! The East African Court of justice has not only restrained the Tanzanian government from more eviction attempts while the case is ongoing, but also restrained the office of the Inspector General of Police from harassing or intimidating the villagers that have sued the government. Though unfortunately there’s some confused reporting resulting from confused writing of the ruling that makes it seem like the government’s vague plan for the 1,500 km2, the plan that must be stopped, would already have been implemented. I should have published this blog post days ago.