Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Scattered, Scarce, and Delayed Reports While Waiting for Action against the Genocidal MLUM Proposal in Ngorongoro

I must write about recent developments in Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) even though the little information I have got is now old. This blog has for a decade dealt with “investors” threatening land rights in Loliondo. There’s almost total silence about what’s happening in Loliondo, and the current most acute threat against the 1,500 km2 Osero is that its annexation to NCA is included in the report that proposes such extensive “no-go zones” in NCA and beyond that it would mean the end of all Maasai life in Ngorongoro District, and these proposals keep being insisted upon by the Ngorongoro chief conservator Manongi, and an ugly assortment of individuals inside and around the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, while far too timid local leaders keep asking for the report to be overhauled, which keeps being granted, and is then ignored. The latest blog post somewhat explained the most recent promises by Minister Kigwangalla. Since then, the councillor of Endulen has reported about how this is being sabotaged, and surprisingly about how the criminal DC has been supportive of the Maasai (or doing damage control for the government). I can’t explain everything in this post, but there’s a decade of posts, and the latest ones have been about the MLUM report. I hope and expect to soon be able to write about some more serious action against the brutal proposal. Meanwhile I will post this.

In this blog post:
A brief reminder about the Osero
Councillor reports about abuse and sabotage committed by

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Pastoralists into New Round of Negotiations with those who Want to Wipe them off the Map of Ngorongoro

This blog has been too silent. I’m very sad and tired, and in Loliondo, and Ngorongoro district as a whole, people have been busy discussing Covid-19, or “politics” (possible candidates, and I’m not innocent in this regard, even if my main interest is in who will best defend the land), while the biggest threat ever looms over everyone’s head – the insane Multiple Land Use Model report of last year. This threat has again been spoken about, and there’s a new attempt to, from the inside, stop planned atrocities.

In this blog post:
The genocidal report
Ngorongoro Conservation Area
Some slow and timid reaction                                              
MOU about the Pastoral Council
Open letter to the president
Press statement
Visit to Kigwangalla and feedback meeting

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Human Rights Criminals Visited a Charitable Project in the Form of a Military Camp in Loliondo

In this blog post:
The visit to the JWTZ camp
Tanzania People’s Defense Force JWTZ
Manongi, king of the NCA
DC Rashid Mfaume Taka – human rights criminal and perjurer
Summary of Osero developments of the past decades

It’s been revealed that the military camp in Loliondo is being made permanent, and with funding from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority. I should have written about this immediately when I heard about it on 2nd March, but I’m too sad, tired and stressed, and didn’t start writing until the weekend, and after that I needed to know what some people had to say about the draft ... Then, this past week, RC Gambo toured Ngorongoro District and had a visit to the military camp in his schedule, so I waited for another week, totally in vain, since “nobody” has heard anything about Gambo at the JWTZ camp. Due to an emergency, the RC had to return early to Arusha, and may therefore not even have visited the soldiers. I may update this blog post, and now it surprisingly seems like I may be getting information about another issue for next blog post.

Update 16th March: RC Gambo was at the military camp, “placing the foundation stone”.  Council Chairman Siloma had some stomach churning words of praise for the soldiers, but I’m too tired to analyze that at the moment.

Thursday, 27 February 2020

New or by Now Old Year, Old Silence, and the Same Unanswered Questions about Loliondo

Three months have passed since the latest blog post, which is unacceptable and can only be explained with that everyone is saying that there isn’t anything happening (very improbable) and that I (thousands of kilometres away) know more than they do. This does however not excuse my silence when there are so many old truths to keep reminding of, and unanswered questions to keep asking.  However madly disappointed I am with “some” people in Loliondo, and however exhausted I am by unrelated unsolvable problems, I must never again stay quiet for this long.

For a brief reminder of what this blog is about: Maasai pastoralists in Loliondo, who already lost land with the creation of Serengeti National Park, have kept being threatened with “conservation”, and due to the influence of tourism investors been victims of human rights crimes and suffered (keep suffering) a local police state with all government officials at the service of these investors that want to manage the land.

In this blog post:
Resumed hearing in the East African Court of Justice

How could a whole year pass without anyone speaking up about the soldier violence – arson included - of 2018?

Why has OBC’s director, Isaack Mollel been locked up in remand prison for almost a year?

Why has Kigwangalla sued the Jamhuri magazine? (This part may be outdated and irrelevant)

What’s the government’s plan?

Summary of Osero developments the past decades

There are of course more questions than these, and they will be asked in coming blog posts.