Sunday, 12 November 2017

Remembering 2013 and Kagasheki´s Lies and Threats about Loliondo

One ex-minister (7 May 2012 – 20 December 2013) of natural resources and tourism, Khamis Kagasheki, who for whatever reason was (before Maghembe’s latest period … ) the minister who with most determination and the wildest lies worked to alienate 1,500 km2 of grazing land from the Maasai of Loliondo, has complained in social media about being mentioned by Kigwangalla as “close to OBC”. He tweeted, "Waziri wa Maliasili na Utalii Hamis Kigwangalla alinukuliwa kutaja 'muwekezaji OBC' alivo na kashfa za Rushwa. Alinitaja mimi kuwa karibu na OBC. Napenda athibitishe ukaribu huo, vitalu nilivogawa nikiwa Waziri na rushwa niliyopokea"*. I’m not even sure if Kagasheki was mentioned by Kigwangalla, or just felt mentioned. He has now blocked me for replying, "After Maghembe, you are the minister who with most rabid enthusiasm has lied to fulfil the wishes of OBC of taking 1,500 km2 from the Maasai of Loliondo. I have no idea if it happened because of bribes, true love, or some convergent interests.". I thought a reminder of what happened in 2013 could be timely, especially since so many people now doubt it even if it’s very well documented! Or maybe they just don’t care, but I’ll set the record straight anyway.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Good news from Loliondo: Director of Wildlife Sacked and OBC to be Investigated for Bribery

Wannabe land grabbers fight back
Sensational online news report
Totally new view on Loliondo for a minister
Doubts removed
Who’s next?
The shadow
The background

Minister Kigwangalla has made unprecedented statements about Loliondo.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Loliondo Back to Waiting for Majaliwa, but there’s a Chance to Get Rid of OBC

The crime
The confessions of crime
Leading up to the crime
The big inciter
Complicity in crime
OBC are not alone
The victims’ ally?
Failure to act against the crime
Ordering the crime
Why was Maghembe fired?
Between hope and despair
Shooting cows
26th October
Sensational news
Visit by the new deputy minister for livestock

The new Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Hamisi Kigwangalla, on 26th October in a public meeting in Wasso stopped the illegal operation by rangers that have committed arson, brutal physical assault and illegal seizing of cattle on village land. I don’t understand why this operation started on 13th August, and I don’t understand exactly why it was stopped. On 27th October in Ololosokwan, Kigwangalla said that OBC’s hunting block won’t be renewed, which is sensational news indeed if implemented.

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