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Multiple Illegal Arrests of Innocent People in Loliondo for the Sole Sake of Intimidation

Help is needed.

updates at the end.
Clinton Eng’wes Kairung – secondary school teacher from Kirtalo, working in Digodigo - was arrested on 13th July, and was then out (temporarily) on 15th July. Clinton is my friend and the purported reason for this arrest was having met me in Olpusimoru, Kenya, which obviously isn’t a crime in any way. As usual, coordination and information sharing has left a lot to be desired. Clinton was arrested again on 19th July.

Supuk Maoi – secondary school teacher working in Loliondo - was arrested on 14th July and continues locked up. Also his arrest is said to have to do with me. I have not met Supuk during my recent trip to Kenya. Unlike Clinton, Supuk often speaks up publicly and online about various Loliondo issues.

What I do about Loliondo is public and known by all. In this blog I do my utmost to expose the truth about the unethical “investors” that are threats to land rights in Loliondo: OBC and Thomson Safaris. There’s obviously not any need to interrogate anyone about what I am doing.

On 19th July, Samwel Nangiria of NGONET, Yannick Ndoinyo, CCM councillor for Ololoskwan, and Tina Timan, special seats councillor for Chadema, were arrested. All three have spoken up against the “investors” – but nothing recently that I know of. They are allegedly arrested because of me, but I haven’t met any of them during my Kemya trip, and have never even exchanged a single word with Tina. She is however an obsession for the anti-Loliondo “journalist” Manyerere Jackton. Clinton was also re-arrested.

On 20th July followed the arrests of Joshua Makko, chairman of Mondorosi who opposes Thomson Safaris’ land grab, and Matthew Timan, former MP who isn’t active in anything as far as I know, but his wife is Manyerere’s big obsession.

My observations leading up to these arrests have been:
In mid-June the Jamhuri published Manyerere Jackton’s (together with Gabriel Killel and William Alais) article defaming Maanda Ngoitiko and adding fabrications that I would have worked for her NGO, Pastoral Women’s Council, which I haven't done in any capacity whatsoever.

I travelled to Kenya and then published a response on 25th June.  

On 26th June was the reshuffle of DCs announced and the same day did the now ex-DC Hashim Mgandilwa make sarcastic comments in social media about my request for revocation of prohibited immigrant status, “nimeskia unataka unataka ku revoke PI njoo nikusaidie”.

The following day: Manyerere Jackton sent me a copy of my first, brief request to ex-minister Kitwanga telling me, “Finally, you will know who is the worst journalist and who is the worst mzungu!”.

On 7th July the Jamhuri published Manyerere’s article about my request for revocation, full of defamation and lies - and I published a response to that article on 10th July. 

In the evening of 10th July  Manyerere Jackton sent me my photo together with Clinton in Olpusimoru, Kenya, which he must have been sent by some of my Facebook “friends”. Over 50 people had liked that photo and nobody had asked me to remove it.

On 17th July I got a photo from Manyerere of part of my Facebook chat with Clinton.

Those behind the arrests are obviously working with the “journalist” who has written over 20 articles inciting against the people of Loliondo.

July is hunting season.

Someone, who has never commented in Ngorongoro social media groups before, showed up to attack me (mostly about my skin colour, origin and supposed “interest”) repeatedly – and then deleting some of his comments – after Supuk was arrested. He was apparently also trying to provoke me to go to Loliondo, but my Kenya trip was already nearing its end.

On 20th July Manyerere Jackton published another “article” full of the lies that I would be working with PWC, and making a living off writing about Loliondo! I’m sure all social justice bloggers would be interested in how that’s done. Who on earth is paying me? The fact is that I’ve only had expenses, of all kinds, from Loliondo. The “article” is a very sinister call for the Prime Minister to “save Loliondo”, since Mizengo Pinda revoked the big Kagasheki-style land grab threat in 2013. Manyerere even misses the fact that Olpusimoru is in Kenya.

These arrests are totally illegal and an attempt to silence those that speak up. Free Clinton, Supuk, Samwel, Yannick, Tina, Joshua and Matthew!

Who can help? Much is probably done behind the scenes, but real change is needed once and for all. 

Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition have strongly condemned this act and call for the government to act against this injustice.

Update 21/7:  The councillors and the ex-MP, Yannick, Tina and Timan were released in the morning of 21st July, or evening of the 20th.. The innocent chairman, innocent NGO coordinator. and very innocent two teachers, Joshua, Samwel, Clinton and Supuk are still locked up. 

Update 22/7: advocates representing the innocent people who are illegally arrested have been forced out of the interrogation room. The interrogation team's questions is why the innocent people are concerned about the "investors", why they communicate with me, and they also ask about Onesmo Olengurumwa of Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition. Their aim is to go to the villages to find more people to interrogate. 

Update 23/7: on 22nd July was even Shilinde, lawyer from Legal and Human Rights Centre, arrested, asked who "sent him", and told that he was on "the list"! He was released the following morning. 

Update 24//: there was a detailed statement from Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition.

Update 25/7: the THRD statement led to articles in The Guardian (DSM) and the Mtanzania. Apparently three illegally arrested (Clinton, Supuk and Samwel) will be taken to court today - which they according to the law should have been within 24 hours. I don't know what fantasy they are accused of. 

Update 25/7: the extreme nonsense charges against the secondary school teachers, Clinton Kairung and Supuk Maoi, and NGO coordinator, Samwel Nangiria, are:
"Kumiliki nyaraka za serikali.
Kuwasiliana na jasusi.
Kutukana viongozi wa serikali kwa tusi la pumbavu."

"Being in possession of government documents.
Communicating with a spy. (this blogger!)
Abusing government officials with stupid insults."

The case does obviously have to be dismissed.'

Update 25/7: an Habeas Corpus Petition was filed in the Arusha High Court by Jebra Kambole Sr. on behalf of the Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition.
Update 25/7: Advocate Shilinde was re-arrested in the afternoon “immediately after being set free”!

Update 26/7: Advocate Shilinde was released late at night on Police Bail after he finished to record his statement before the Loliondo OCD namely Afande Ryoba. Shilinde is being accused of disseminating false information to the media and public [regarding his arrest and detention] under the Cyber Crime Act.

Lawyers in Arusha held a manifestation in support and solidarity with Shilinde.
The Tanganyika Law Society issued a statement.

Update 26/7: Clinton, Supuk and Samwel were released on bail, but have to return for a hearing in the malicious, extreme nonsense case on 10th August. Joshua had already been released.

Supuk was arrested illegally for eleven days.
Clinton was arrested illegally for ten days.
And Samwel was arrested illegally for eight days.

Free Clinton, Supuk and Samwel! Stop the breakdown of rule of law in Loliondo! Stop authorities working for unethical "investors"!

Susanna Nordlund
Please send any information you may have to:

Olpusimoru, Kenya, on market day.

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