Sunday, 15 March 2020

Human Rights Criminals Visited a Charitable Project in the Form of a Military Camp in Loliondo

In this blog post:
The visit to the JWTZ camp
Tanzania People’s Defense Force JWTZ
Manongi, king of the NCA
DC Rashid Mfaume Taka – human rights criminal and perjurer
Summary of Osero developments of the past decades

It’s been revealed that the military camp in Loliondo is being made permanent, and with funding from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority. I should have written about this immediately when I heard about it on 2nd March, but I’m too sad, tired and stressed, and didn’t start writing until the weekend, and after that I needed to know what some people had to say about the draft ... Then, this past week, RC Gambo toured Ngorongoro District and had a visit to the military camp in his schedule, so I waited for another week, totally in vain, since “nobody” has heard anything about Gambo at the JWTZ camp. Due to an emergency, the RC had to return early to Arusha, and may therefore not even have visited the soldiers. I may update this blog post, and now it surprisingly seems like I may be getting information about another issue for next blog post.

Update 16th March: RC Gambo was at the military camp, “placing the foundation stone”.  Council Chairman Siloma had some stomach churning words of praise for the soldiers, but I’m too tired to analyze that at the moment.