Thursday, 19 October 2017

The Human Rights Criminal Maghembe is Out! Good Riddance for Loliondo! What’s Next? There are Very Worrying signs…

Maghembe and the two committees
The arson attack and human rights crime
The MNRT spokesperson
Press meeting in Ololosokwan
OBC’s report
Where’s Kigwangalla?
Kigwangalla's letter...
The Jamhuri again.
In a cabinet reshuffle on 7th October Jumanne Maghembe was removed as Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, and not given another ministry. This is cause for celebration, even though the reason for his removal isn’t clear, and the views of the new minister aren’t (weren’t?) known, while the spokesperson for the ministry continues in the worst Maghembe-like way. As usual this blog post is delayed, and the previous one has updates. Today, on 19th October, Kigwangalla sadly issued a letter with the “investor’s” own favourite diversionary tactic…

Updated under "Kigwangalla's letter". There is some good news. 

As mentioned earlier in this blog, many Tanzanian ministers for natural resources and tourism have been very accommodating to the wishes of Otterlo Business Corporation (OBC) that organises hunting for Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai – but Maghembe takes the prize, even bypassing Kagasheki, as OBC’s most fervent friend.