Sunday, 24 September 2017

Human Rights Crimes Following Illegal Evictions Continue in Loliondo Despite Stop Order

The human rights crime continues after the interim stop order by CHRAGG.

Rangers have sold illegally seized cattle.

Outrageously malicious lies by Minister Maghembe.

And outrageously delayed action.

Court case finally filed by the villages in the East African Court of Justice.

This blog post is outrageously delayed as well since I wanted to report about the court case, that’s been delayed, and then filed, but silenced for reasons that vary according to who you ask. Now it’s allowed to mention it... The previous, now old, blog post has some updates.

Updated below (Minister Maghembe was fired on 7th October!).
What could not be allowed to happen again, happened, and like in 2009 the Maasai in western Loliondo division of Ngorongoro district again suffered a violent and illegal arson attack. From 13th to 26th August 2017 hundreds of bomas were burned to the ground by rangers from Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area assisted by local Loliondo police – and others, namely OBC and KDU (anti-poaching, close to OBC) rangers - and thousands of people were left without food or shelter. Cows were dispersed during this extreme drought, and there was terror and panic everywhere. The arson started in the Oloosek area of Ololosokwan village where a Serengeti ranger had shot the herder Parmoson Ololoso* in both legs and one arm on 8th August, and then the arson continued all the way to Piyaya 90 km further south. People returning after the illegal evictions were brutally beaten by the rangers and some arrested and sent to Mugumu at the other side of Serengeti National Park. Cattle were seized and big fines demanded. All this did not happen in any protected area, but on village land that per Village Land Act No.5 of 1999 should be managed by the local villages. The affected villages are Ololosokwan, Kirtalo (Soitsambu ward), Oloipiri, Olorien, Oloosoitok (Maaloni ward), Maaloni, Arash, Ormanie (Arash ward), and Piyaya.