Sunday, 24 May 2015

Some Good News and a Lot More Abuse and Insanity from Loliondo

More articles inciting against the Maasai of Loliondo
Fear about the anti-Kenyan operation           .
Mass arrests after extremely corrupt police were beaten by warriors at Ololosokwan market.
Youths arrested for “environmental destruction” in area where OBC are active
Demonstrations at Thomson Safaris’ PR spectacle inaugurating the Sukenya dispensary.
Excellent article about Thomson Safaris in Vice Magazine.
Attack on Kirtalo by police incited by William Alais’ investor-friendly gang.
Not too clever journalists.
Not too clever DC.
UAE Water Project. 

There have been very worrying developments, but also some promising news, and an excellent international article. As usual it’s been unreasonably difficult to get exact information.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Excellent Article about Thomson Safaris in Vice Magazine

This post was to be part of next blog update, but since that post is getting too long and too delayed due to too much happening and problems getting exact information, the article gets its own blog post. I hope to soon write about developments in Kirtalo and add that to the delayed update that also has some other important news.

On 12th May Vice Magazine uploaded an article from their May issue called, The EcotourismIndustry Is Saving Tanzania’s Animals and Threatening Its Indigenous People, and despite the title the article is entirely about Thomson Safaris’ “Enashiva Nature Refuge”. Some short videos are embedded in the article.